Heavy Blow to Light Air Support

The Air Force announced on Tuesday that it would “set aside the contract” awarded to Sierra Nevada in December to supply 20 Light Air Support aircraft for the Afghan air force. “The Air Force’s intent is to terminate the contract, effective March 2,” service spokeswoman Jennifer Cassidy told to the Daily Report. “While we pursue perfection, we sometimes fall short, and when we do, we will take corrective action,” said Secretary Michael Donley. He added, “Since the acquisition is still in litigation, I can only say that the Air Force senior acquisition executive, David Van Buren is not satisfied with the quality of the documentation supporting the award decision.” Air Force Materiel Command boss Gen. Donald Hoffman has also initiated a commander directed investigation into this matter, said service officials. “We are disappointed by this decision,” said Sierra Nevada’s Taco Gilbert, in a company statement. Sierra Nevada had been under a stop-work order since early January due to Hawker Beechcraft’s federal lawsuit against the Air Force over the exclusion of its AT-6 as the LAS platform. “We commend the Air Force for this decision,” said Bill Boisture, Hawker Beechcraft chairman, in a release. The company said the Air Force would “reinstate” the AT-6 for consideration.