Green Beret to Receive the Medal of Honor

US Army MSgt. Matthew Williams will receive the Medal of Honor. Army video screenshot via YouTube.

An active duty Green Beret will receive the Medal of Honor later this month for his actions during a 2008 battle in Afghanistan in which he is credited with saving the lives of four soldiers and preventing his team from being overrun.

MSgt. Matthew Williams was deployed to Afghanistan with Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha 3336, Special Operations Task Force-33, when his team came under fire.

Video: US Army via YouTube

While rescuing other members of the assault element and evacuating multiple casualties, Williams faced rocket-propelled grenades and sniper and machine gun fire, according to the White House announcement.

He led an Afghan Commando element across a river to fight up a mountain, setting up a base of fire the enemy could not overcome.

Williams aided his team sergeant who was wounded by a sniper, helping him down the steep mountainside to a casualty collection point.

He then climbed up the cliff, exposing himself to enemy fire to move more casualties to the collection point, and then loaded the wounded onto helicopters, according to the announcement.

Williams, who still serves in the Army at Fort Bragg, N.C., will receive the award during an Oct. 30 White House ceremony.