Global Hawks Return to Misawa

A pair of RQ-4 Global Hawk remotely piloted aircraft touched down at Misawa AB, Japan, and two more are expected later this week as part of the high-altitude RPAs’ second deployment to the base, announced base officials. The July 2 arrival of the first two Global Hawks marked the start of a six-month stint for the intelligence-surveillance-reconnaissance assets at Misawa, they said. The four Global Hawks and some 40 personnel will begin operations later this month, collecting information for US Pacific Command and joint forces operating around the world, said the officials. Pacific Air Forces first deployed Global Hawks to Misawa in 2014. The local weather allows for more frequent and longer duration sorties than is possible at Andersen AFB, Guam, where Global Hawks normally operate, during Andersen’s typhoon-prone summers. PACAF told Air Force Magazine in April that Global Hawks would return to Misawa this summer.?