Getting CONECTed

Boeing says it has delivered the first B-52H bomber outfitted with new digital communications infrastructure under the combat network communications technology, or CONECT, program. This aircraft flew on Wednesday from Boeing’s upgrade modification facility in Wichita, Kan., to Edwards AFB, Calif., for flight testing there, according to a company release. “CONECT brings the B-52 into the network-centric battlefield, where it can connect with other platforms in the fight,” said Jim Kroening, Boeing B-52 Network Centric Operations program manager. With the new equipment, B-52s will be able to receive updated mission information and re-tasking data while in flight, thereby providing the aircrew with greater situational awareness and allowing for more mission flexibility. After the flight test program is complete, all 76 B-52s in the inventory will receive the CONECT upgrade.