Get on With It

A new nuclear-capable bomber is essential to the nation because it will reinforce the US policy of extended deterrence that dissuades friends and potential foes alike from acquiring nuclear weapons, says retired Gen. Mike Loh, former Air Force vice chief of staff and Air Combat Command boss. “The strategic nuclear bomber is the delivery system that is most effective for achieving credible, extended deterrence,” writes Loh in a Dec. 7 op-ed piece in the Omaha World-Herald. The current nuclear-capable bomber force “is not” capable for this role since B-52s cannot penetrate enemy air defenses and B-2s “are few in number and can penetrate some defense arrays but not all,” he states. Therefore, he says, “We need to start development of a new bomber that can penetrate and survive tomorrow’s toughest defenses and deliver nuclear weapons with precision.” Fielding is doable in 10 years, he contends.