Gabonese Airmen Visit Ramstein

Seventeenth Air Force (Air Forces Africa) officials at Ramstein AB, Germany, hosted two Gabonese air base commanders for subject-matter exchange on air base defense. This meeting was part of the ongoing capacity-building engagement between the two air arms and AFAFRICA’s broader outreach activities with African partners. “The sorts of threats that exist in Gabon also exist here,” said Gabon air force Col. Jean Paulin Asseko Makoka, commander of Liberville air base. He added, “[W]e now have a better understanding of how the US Air Force confronts these threats and the measures they take to mitigate them.” The Gabonese officials also visited Sembach annex and Spangdahlem Air Base during their stay in Germany from Jan. 17-20. Gabonese Col. Jean-Francois Asseko Bekogo, Mvengue air base commander, said the Gabonese could apply US security tactics and techniques at their air bases. (Ramstein report by MSgt. Jim Fisher)