First Theater Security Package to Europe

Some 300 airmen and 12 A-10 Warthogs from Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz., deployed to the 52nd Fighter Wing at Spangdahlem AB, Germany, marking the Air Force’s first theater security package to Europe. The TSP will support Operation Atlantic Resolve—a demonstration of the US’ commitment to NATO and to maintaining security in the region—conducting training alongside NATO allies across Europe. The unit will later forward deploy to Eastern Europe, where the US bolstered its presence last year following Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. “The Air Force has been rotating forces as part of OAR for the past year,” said Lt. Gen. Tom Jones, US Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa vice commander, in a release. “The TSP is another way the Air Force is increasing [its] rotational presence in Europe to reassure our allies and partner nations that our commitment to European security is a priority.” The A-10 TSP is just the first of several TSP deployments to Europe, states the release. Most rotations will last six months, “depending on mission and US European Command requirements.” The Air Force has been conducting TSPs in the Pacific since 2004. (See also Looking East from the September 2014 issue of Air Force Magazine.)