Fighter Transition Brings Reserve Changes

Several Air Force Reserve Command units in classic associations with active duty fighter wings will adopt new roles as USAF introduces the F-35A and realigns its F-22s. AFRC’s 419th Fighter Wing will continue its partnership with the active duty 388th FW at Hill AFB, Utah, as the latter switches from F-16s to F-35s in 2013. AFRC’s 944th FW will similarly be a part of the new F-35 schoolhouse at Luke AFB, Ariz. Luke is shedding two of its four F-16 squadrons to make room. The Reservists at Luke will also continue to support the two remaining F-16 squadrons. Meanwhile, the two F-16 units leaving Luke are headed to Holloman AFB, N.M., which is losing its F-22s. Reservists from the Holloman’s 44th Fighter Group will remain at Holloman to help operate those F-16s, together with some members of the 944th FW who are transferring from Luke. (Robins release)