Consolation Prize?

Holloman AFB, N.M., will receive two squadrons of F-16s for training purposes under a new plan announced Thursday by the Air Force leadership. The move may be some consolation for officials at the desert base, who were hit with the news that Holloman will lose its F-22s and is not the preferred location for the next F-35 schoolhouse. As for the F-16s, USAF’s statement says “Holloman has the capacity to accept two F-16 training squadrons.” Their beddown will allow service officials “to synergize training activities” with the Predator and Reaper remotely piloted aircraft instruction that goes on there. Further, moving F-16 training to Holloman “stabilizes an enduring training mission and capitalizes on the existing airspace and range complex,” reads the statement. Gary Strasburg told the Daily Report Thursday that the two F-16 units would come from Luke AFB, Ariz., which has been singled out as the preferred site of the next F-35 schoolhouse. (See also Holloman release)