Excelling in a World of Gray

The case for maximizing the potential and performance of every airman has never been more compelling, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz told attendees at the 2010 senior enlisted leader summit Tuesday at Maxwell AFB, Ala. “Today, more than ever, tactical effects can have strategic consequences,” he said. He added, “In many instances, mission success hinges on airmen outside the wire, making split-second decisions in a highly dynamic environment in which black and white choices are rare, and the many shades of gray can challenge even the most brilliant and competent among us.” Schwartz said it is imperative that airmen have “the right experience, training, and education at the right time” so the service can perform its assigned missions, given the challenges of constrained resources and a historically low total end strength. (Maxwell report by TSgt. Brannen Parrish)