European Allies Increase Commitment to ISIS Fight

European partners are becoming a more integral part of the campaign to defeat ISIS, but US European Command says even more of the burden must be shared as the fight progresses. Army Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, who took over US European Command on Tuesday, said the command is working to share more information and “build partner capacity” with allies. ISIS is “a problem here in Europe that they’re looking at very closely. You’ve seen the attacks,” Scaparrotti said following his change of command ceremony in Germany. Defense Secretary Ash Carter will meet Wednesday with defense ministers of countries involved in the US-led coalition during a summit in Germany. “(The ministers) like us, are determined to deal ISIL a lasting defeat,” Carter said. “… I asked them to do more. These folks have done more.” The meeting comes as countries, such as Norway and Denmark, have increased their commitments to the coalition.