Entering the Strike Zone

Air Force leaders have promised transparency about what they will spend in pursuit of a new bomber aircraft, but they’ve also said the activities surrounding the aircraft’s development will remain largely classified. Although the new bomber will make use of “proven” technologies, it will still possess attributes far ahead of anything potential adversaries are believed to possess. Accordingly, too much disclosure could undermine USAF’s edge. That same close hold on information will apply for the interrelated elements of the long-range-strike “family of systems” that the Pentagon intends to pursue. Despite those restrictions, top USAF, Office of the Secretary of Defense, and industry officials have discussed the new bomber and future LRS portfolio components in recent press conferences, speeches, and Congressional testimony. The Daily Report has captured the general descriptive characteristics of the bomber and other LRS elements based on those public comments, along with statements made during interviews. Continue to Bomber Puzzle Pieces.