Entering the High-Velocity Zone

Beginning Oct. 1, B-1 bombers arriving for pre-programmed depot maintenance at the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center on the grounds of Tinker AFB, Okla., will undergo the prototype version of the new high-velocity maintenance construct. The goal of the HVM prototype process is to trim 32 days off of the B-1’s current PDM flow rate, which is currently 160 days. This will ensure that only four B-1s wait for maintenance in the depot at any given time versus the eight that typically wait today, according to Oklahoma City officials. B-1s arrive at Tinker for routine PDM every five years. In Fiscal 2011, 13 B-1 are slated for the depot. HVM is also being introduced for the C-130 and F-22, and may eventually be applied to additional platforms. (Tinker report by Brandice J. Armstrong) (For background, read High Velocity Maintenance from the Air Force Magazine archives.)