Embrace It and Run with It

The new national defense strategy “very clearly” makes a priority of air and naval forces, and that’s a “tremendous opportunity” for the Air Force to articulate its vision to the nation, said retired Gen. Ron Fogleman, former Chief of Staff, Wednesday. “The troops need to understand what the Air Force is all about. The American public has to understand what your Air Force is all about,” asserted Fogleman during a talk in Arlington, Va., sponsored by AFA’s Mitchell Institute for Airpower Studies. Accordingly, Fogleman called on the Air Force to “produce a very simple white paper” that makes clear that “the primary reason that the United States Air Force exists is to fight America’s wars.” He recommended that service officials dust off and re-read the service’s Global Reach-Global Power white paper from June 1990 as inspiration for drafting a new document. Click here to read the full article.