Editor’s Note

We’re proud to present Air Force Magazine’s new website, designed to provide a more user friendly and interactive experience. We’ve adopted a three-column format. In the center Daily Report column, we’ve added social media options, more easy access to individual entries, and the ability for readers to comment on specific entries. In the upper left-hand column, one finds a new electronic version of the magazine’s monthly print edition that offers, for the first time, the complete issue in a single file, but still allows one to access and print articles individually. The upper right-hand column features our In More Depth articles, our online-first, more-extensive coverage of topics highlighted in the Daily Report. The website also features each month’s Airpower Classics entry from the print magazine as well as a new section for Air Force accident investigation reports. The website retains the sections on Air Frame photos, Data Points, Air Force congressional testimony, Air Force documents, Defense Writers Group transcripts, and selections from the Air Force magazine archive. The website also features the magazine’s new banner. Please note, too, the new website address: http://www.airforcemag.com.