Dyess C-130J Airmen Hone New Tactics for Contested Scenarios

The 317th Airlift Group at Dyess AFB, Texas, has developed new tactics, techniques, and procedures for C-130J operations in contested, degraded, or operationally constrained environments that could inform operations across the mobility fleet, according to Dyess officials. Though the J-model features an improved global positioning system and navigation system, which eliminated the need for a navigator, an enemy could deny the airlifter’s ability to use GPS in certain environments. The 317th AG airmen practiced operating the C-130J without using GPS or a dedicated navigator. “We took it upon ourselves to develop this program for our aircraft to optimize its usability in degraded scenarios,” said Col. Jeffrey Brown, the 317th AG commander. Crews practiced pinpointing their location on a pre-determined route and updating their instruments as the mission progressed. Pilots and crews practiced the new TTPs in their simulator, then at low-level live training events where pilots used visual updates. In a few weeks, crews were able to contact their targets with two of five training bundles in simulated CDO scenarios, with the furthest landing within 60 yards. The 317th AG recently completed the first draft of a new syllabus for C-130J pilots, and once complete will be proposed to Air Mobility Command to integrate into fleet-?wide training.