Draft Memo Calls on Pentagon Readiness Review, Budget Increase

President Donald Trump is pushing for a quick review of the US military’s readiness, and calling for a dramatic increase in force structure along with more funding for special operations and nuclear posture. According to a draft memorandum obtained by The Washington Post, Trump is calling on Defense Secretary James Mattis to quickly carry out a readiness review focusing on the current war against ISIS along with training and infrastructure. The Defense Department will also create an “emergency budget amendment” for readiness that will increase the Pentagon’s budget for this year, the Post reported. The Pentagon will need to create a new national military strategy along with a nuclear posture review, which Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein said recently was to be expected. Trump, during a brief appearance at the Pentagon on Friday, said he was signing the executive action to begin “a great rebuilding” of the military. He called on the Pentagon to develop a plan for new assets and resources.