Doolittle Raiders’ Gold Medal Goes on Display

The Doolittle Raiders’ Congressional Gold Medal now resides on permanent display at the National Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton, Ohio, following a handover ceremony there on the 73rd anniversary of the Raiders’ daring bombing strike on Japan. “We proudly turn over our Congressional Gold Medal” to the museum for the American public to see and appreciate, said retired Lt. Col. Dick Cole, one of the two surviving Raiders, during the April 18 ceremony. The other living Raider, former SSgt. David Thatcher, was also in attendance. The medal joined the Doolittle Raiders exhibit in the museum’s World War II gallery. Together with the exhibit’s other items, it will “inspire our current and future generations of American youth to greatness,” said museum Director Jack Hudson. The museum ceremony took place three days after congressional leadership formally presented the medal, the highest civilian award that Congress can bestow, to the Doolittle Raiders on Capitol Hill, recognizing their heroism and service to the country. Hudson accepted the medal that day on behalf of the 80 Doolittle Raiders. (For more on the handover, see the museum’s Facebook page.)