DOD Working on Sweeping New Cyber Guidance

The Joint Staff is working on a new cyber security strategy document with the aim of consolidating guidance from 16 separate publications into one cohesive work. Joint Test Publication 3-12, as the document has been dubbed so far, is designed to clear up confusion over which segment of the Defense Department actually holds responsibility for overseeing military network operations, reported The Hill. The 2008 department-wide directive that tasked US Cyber Command with overseeing military cyber operations also states that geographic combatant commanders are to exercise authority over all commands and forces within their areas of responsibility, according to The Hill. Hence, the confusion. The Joint Staff publication reportedly has been under development since September 2009, but was still in draft form as of May and may not be finalized and approved for some time. The Pentagon released its first cyberspace strategy in July, which lays out DOD’s strategic approach to the cyber mission.