DOD Gives Military Families Access to Child Care Search Service

The Defense Department is giving military parents access to a subscription-based online service that they can use to find hourly child care services that make the most sense for their families, according to an Aug. 10 release.

This service, which they can sign up for through Military OneSource, will let them look for care based on their family’s unique needs and preferences, locate potential providers, pore through their background checks and references, and interview them, according to Military OneSource’s website.

“The subscription, provided at no cost to eligible military families, offers a user-friendly way to explore providers who can assist with hourly, flexible, and on-demand child care services,” the release states.

Anyone who qualifies for all of Military OneSource’s support services, as outlined on this webpage, can access the service free of charge, Defense Department spokesperson Lisa Y. Lawrence told Air Force Magazine.

According to Military OneSource’s website, families can sign up for the service by:

  1. Logging in to their Military OneSource account;
  2. Locating an individualized member code and link on the site’s Member Connect page;
  3. Following that link; and
  4. Plugging in the code and signing up for an account.

Once they’re registered, the website noted, military parents can navigate straight to the child care search service’s homepage to access it.

“We are committed to taking care of our service members and military families, and understand that families may need assistance with their hourly care needs,” Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Military Community and Family Policy Anne Kimberley “Kim” Joiner said in the release. “This new service provides a flexible way that empowers modern military families to find child care services that best meet their hourly care needs.”