DOD: CR Needs Funds for KC-46, Munitions

The Pentagon is calling on lawmakers to include adjustments in funding in a possible continuing resolution so it can buy more ordnance that is in high demand and speed up production of the KC-46A tanker. The Defense Department, in a document obtained by Politico, calls on lawmakers to include language that would increase production of specific projects within Fiscal 2017 budget amounts, including producing more KC-46A tankers to avoid penalties of $331 million. The Pentagon also wants Congress to include language to produce more Hellfire missiles, Joint Direct Attack Munitions, and Small Diameter Bombs, according to the request. The Pentagon earlier this month also called for more funding for ongoing operations as part of a continuing resolution. Pentagon and Air Force officials have repeatedly called on lawmakers to not pass a long-term continuing resolution, and instead try to pass a budget that would provide more budget stability for the departments.