Doctrine Smart

The 2009-14 strategic plan of the Curtis E. LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education at Maxwell AFB, Ala., aims to move the service towards the goal “first imagined in 1997″ of ensuring a direct relationship between doctrine education and warfighting, Maj. Gen. Stephen Miller, the center’s commander, said last month. “Doctrine is so fundamental to warfighting,” he said. That relationship will be accomplished through professional military education, professional continuing education, accessions programs, and wargaming, said Miller. Implementing the strategic plan is “a daunting task,” he acknowledged. The LeMay Center is in the process of formalizing how it will determine what doctrine goes into PME, PCE, and wargaming. The center’s vision is to make every airman “doctrine smart, as all airmen require a certain level of doctrine intelligence to do their missions, Miller said. (Maxwell report by Carl Bergquist)