Dempsey Outlines Way Ahead

The Defense Department must remain focused on today’s conflicts whiles developing a future force that can answer the nation’s call “anytime, anywhere,” wrote Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, Joint Chiefs Chairman, in his strategic direction to the joint force released on Monday. In addition, military leaders must “confront” the “aftermath of war” and “keep faith with our military family,” he stated. The 16-page direction outlines Dempsey’s “early thoughts” on how to accomplish those goals. “In the years to come, our joint force will face several challenging transitions,” wrote Dempsey. “We will transition from war, but in the context of an increasingly competitive security environment. We will transition from abundant to constrained resources. And, many service members—and their families—will transition into civilian life.” Dempsey noted that DOD “will pass this test.” He continued, “I’m determined that we will stay ready now, be ready for the future, renew our commitment to the profession of arms, and always honor our families. I will put the weight of my personal effort behind realizing these critical efforts.” (See also Monday’s Chairman’s Corner entry.)