Deadlines Approaching for Voluntary-Separation Programs

June 1 is the deadline for officers to apply for several of the Air Force’s voluntary-separation initiatives, Air Force Personnel Center officials reminded airmen in May 17 releases. “The Air Force is above congressionally mandated manning levels, so we are implementing a variety of voluntary programs to help reduce numbers,” said Lt. Col. Tara White, AFPC retirements and separations chief. Eligible Active Duty officers may apply for the Palace Chase program that allows them to transfer to the Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve. Eligible officers—and enlisted personnel—may also seek separation through the Limited Active Duty Service Commitment Waiver program. (Of note: enlisted airmen’s applications are due June 30, not June 1.) Prior enlisted officers with at least eight years of Active Duty service may also qualify for separation under the Air Force 10-8 Commission Waiver program. (See also Expanded Voluntary Separation Measures Unveiled.)