DARPA Eyes New Targeting Sensor

DARPA wants to develop an extremely high frequency targeting sensor for airborne platforms that could operate as effectively through clouds as in clear skies. It seeks industry’s support in pursuing this technology, which it intends to mature under its newly announced Video Synthetic Aperture Radar program, according to a May 1 release. “The goal is a synthetic aperture radar that provides high-resolution, full-motion video to engage maneuvering ground targets through clouds or in the clear, without having to change tactics, techniques, and procedures,” said Bruce Wallace, an agency program manager. “Ultimately, we intend to demonstrate a cloud-penetrating EHF sensor in a moveable gimbal that could be mounted on a variety of aerial platforms,” he added. DARPA wants the ViSAR system to have the ability to track moving ground targets in parallel to SAR processing, states the release.