Goldfein: Bomber Roadmap, Priorities Paper Coming Soon

Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein said a new bomber roadmap will be out in September which will go well beyond simply a plan for how USAF will invest in and evolve its bomber fleet. It will be a broader “global strike” plan knitting together all the enablers for the mission of striking any target on earth. Also coming is a new white paper laying out USAF’s priorities during the tour of Goldfein and Secretary Heather Wilson. He touched on the five priorities, and also discussed with Air Force Magazine how modernization priorities will shift to accommodate increased funding for readiness. Read the full report by John A. Tirpak.

Trump Announces Ban on Transgender Individuals in the Military

President Donald Trump on Wednesday tweeted that the military would not allow transgender individuals to serve, a change in Defense Department policy ahead of Defense Secretary James Mattis’s plan to review the decision. Read the full report by Brian Everstine.

B-2, F-22, F-35A and F-35B in First Red Flag Together

The Air Force’s star stealth aircraft—the B-2, F-22 and F-35A—had their first-ever joint missions in Red Flag 17-3, exercise officials reported Wednesday, practicing against “strategic targets” equipped with the toughest integrated air defenses the Nellis AFB, Nev. Test and Training Range could muster. They were joined by Marine Corps F-35Bs, and the commanders of the USAF and USMC units found their training and tactics to be highly similar and easily integrated. Read the full report by John A. Tirpak.

Raymond Will Add Role as STRATCOM’s New Space Commander

Gen. Jay Raymond, commander of Air Force Space Command, will also become the joint space component commander for US Strategic Command, STRATCOM boss Gen. John Hyten told reporters during a conference call Wednesday. The move comes as Hyten works to restructure his entire command, consolidating 18 component commands under four components for air, space, sea, and missile defense, each with its own four-star commander, except for missile defense which will continue to be led by a three-star general. Read the full report by Wilson Brissett.

US Missile Defense Needs Space-Based Sensors, Hyten Says

Space-based sensors are the most urgent need for US missile defense systems, Gen. John Hyten, chief of US Strategic Command, told reporters during a conference call Wednesday. While political leadership will ultimately decide on how many interceptors the US needs and where to place them, Hyten is focused on improving STRATCOM’s ability to characterize threats originating from anywhere on the globe. Read the full report by Wilson Brissett.

Lockheed Gets LRASM Contract

The Air Force on Tuesday awarded Lockheed Martin $86.5 million for long-range, anti-ship missile production. The award is for 23 of the missiles, with work expected to be completed by Sept. 29, 2019. This contract modification builds on a $321.8 million contract from May 2016 to develop and test the missile, which is a variant of the Air Force’s AGM-158 Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile. That contract called for the missile to be fielded on the B-1B in 2019 and the Navy’s F/A-18 in 2020. —Brian Everstine



—A new assessment from the Defense Intelligence Agency claims North Korea will cross ICBM threshold by next year. The Washington Post

—Reserve C-130s flying in massive exercise in Hungary. AFRC release

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—Cannon AFB, N.M., crews develop oil recycling program, save about $300,000. AFSOC release

—Boeing’s entry for the Huey replacement contest takes flight near Malmstrom AFB, Mont. KRTV

—The 17th Attack Squadron at Creech AFB, Nev., celebrates 75 years. Creech release