First EC-37 Delivered for Testing; CCAs Will Complement It

The first of 10 EC-37 Compass Call electronic warfare aircraft was delivered to the Air Force on Sept. 12, contractors BAE Systems and L3Harris announced. The jets will complement the current EC-130s and will be supplemented by—but not replaced by—the emerging Collaborative Combat Aircraft (CCA) platform, Air Combat Command’s Gen. Mark D. Kelly said.

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Rogue Russian Pilot Tried to Shoot Down RAF Aircraft in 2022


A Russian pilot tried to shoot down an RAF surveillance plane after believing he had permission to fire, the BBC has learned. The pilot fired two missiles, the first of which missed rather than malfunctioned as claimed at the time. Russia had claimed the incident last September was caused by a “technical malfunction.”

Air Force Chief Sounds Off on Musk’s Ukraine Decision, Tensions with China and the Future of War


U.S. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall does not shy away from commenting on controversy—even as it relates to the world’s richest person and a key Department of Defense contractor. Kendall weighed in Sept. 12 after SpaceX CEO Elon Musk acknowledged withholding Starlink satellite service to Ukraine as it planned a surprise attack on Russian forces last year. The disclosure sparked criticism of Musk, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., called for a probe into SpaceX.

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2024 Start Set for New Palau Radar Needed to Plug Huge Indo-Pacific Surveillance Gaps

Inside Defense

The Defense Department has unveiled plans to compete a new, high-priority radar project in the Indo-Pacific region—a long-range surveillance sensor slated for emplacement in the Republic of Palau that top brass say is needed to plug air domain awareness gaps in the Western Pacific by providing thousands of square miles of wide-area surveillance. The Air Force this week announced plans to issue a request for proposals for the Tactical Multi-Mission Over the Horizon Radar (TACMOR).

DOD Submits Congressionally Mandated Space Policy Report


The Defense Department on Sept. 14 submitted to Congress a report explaining how it intends to keep satellites in orbit safe from aggression—and ensure that services like GPS navigation and space-based communications are always available. The unclassified report, “Space Policy Review and Strategy on Protection of Satellites,” was mandated by law and is an attempt to explain how DOD is dealing with threats facing U.S. satellites, such as Russian jammers and Chinese lasers that can blind satellites.

F-35 Performance-Based Logistics Deal Slips to 2024: Lockheed CFO

Breaking Defense

A five-year deal between the Pentagon and Lockheed Martin for a new sustainment contract for the F-35 enterprise likely won’t be reached this year, according to Lockheed Martin Chief Financial Officer Jay Malave. “We’ve already submitted a proposal to the Joint Program Office for sustainment. You know, originally we were expecting that we can get under contract by the end of the year. It probably will extend out to the beginning of next year is probably the most likely scenario,” he said during a conference hosted by Morgan Stanley.

Odds of Shutdown and Missed Paychecks for Troops Grow Amid Chaos in the House

The threat of a government shutdown—and the missed paychecks it would mean for service members—is growing after a chaotic week in the House that saw lawmakers unable to even take up a bill that would fund the Pentagon. The House had been scheduled to vote this week on the fiscal 2024 defense appropriations bill. But members of the far-right Freedom Caucus and other staunch conservatives threatened to oppose a procedural motion on the bill because of demands unrelated to its content, prompting House Republican leadership to scuttle the planned vote.

With Eye Toward Russia and China, NORTHCOM Concludes Special Mission in the Arctic

Defense One

Last month, just days after four Russian military aircraft flew in Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone, teams of U.S. special operations forces conducted a mission on St. Lawrence island in the Bering Sea, just 50 miles away from continental Russia, as well as on Shemya Island, which sits in Alaska’s remote Aleutian island chain. The objective of what NORTHCOM is calling Operation Polar Dagger was to extend U.S capabilities to monitor the air and sea domain in the Arctic and showcase how well special operator air, land, and sea teams work together in harsh, long-distance environments like the Bering Sea.

Senators Press Pentagon on New Medical System’s Recruiting Impact

Military Times

In the midst of an historic recruiting crisis, two U.S. senators are pressing the Defense Department on whether a new medical screening system is hindering recruitment. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., sent Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin a letter Sept. 13 seeking answers about whether Military Health System Genesis—a medical records platform that the military first used for screening recruits last year—has slowed the recruitment process by forcing qualified applicants to secure medical waivers.

Entire Air Force to Miss Recruiting Goal, the First Failure Since 1999

Air Force Times

The Air Force will miss its annual enlisted recruiting goal across all three components for the first time since 1999, as waning interest in military service and administrative hurdles continue to plague efforts to train the next generation of troops. The Active-Duty Air Force made it about 90 percent of the way to its goal of 26,877 enlisted recruits, falling short by nearly 2,700 airmen, Air Force Recruiting Service boss Brig. Gen. Christopher Amrhein told reporters.

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When The US Navy Landed A Lockheed C-130 Hercules On An Aircraft Carrier

Simple Flying

Since its maiden flight in 1954, the C-130 Hercules has demonstrated its prowess in various roles, from polar expeditions to military missions spanning Vietnam to Afghanistan. Among the most astonishing feats in the C-130's storied history occurred in October 1963 when the U.S. Navy dared to land this large aircraft on an aircraft carrier.