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US in ‘Focused’ Talks to Offer Multirole F-16s to Philippines

U.S. and Philippine officials will hold “focused discussions” about a plan for the Philippine Air Force to buy a fleet of multirole fighter aircraft, according to a Pentagon fact sheet—one of several weapons systems the two countries discussed during a recent dialogue. The multirole fighter talks were revealed as part of the U.S.-Philippines Ministerial Dialogue on April 11, as Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III and Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken welcomed their counterparts to Washington, D.C.  
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Army, Air National Guard Need a Strategy for Better Helicopter Safety, GAO Says

The Army and Air National Guard need to sharpen their strategies for promoting safety and mitigating risk in helicopter units, the Government Accountability Office wrote in a report released April 12. From fiscal year 2012 to 2021, there have been 298 accidents involving National Guard helicopters during noncombat flights. The GAO determined many of these accidents were caused by human error, with broader institutional issues that also need to be addressed.
E-3 AWACS retirement

Boneyard-Bound: USAF Retires First of 13 AWACS

The aging E-3 AWACS fleet got a little smaller last week, as the first of 13 aircraft the Air Force is planning on retiring this year took off from Tinker Air Force Base, Okla., for the last time. Before the E-3, aircraft 0560, departed for the Boneyard at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz., on April 6, the 552nd Air Control Wing hosted a retirement celebration for the jet March 31, with retired and Active-Duty Airmen getting a chance to say goodbye and sign their names on the plane.

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China Warns as US, Philippines Stage Combat Drills

The Associated Press

China warned on April 12 that a deepening security alliance between the United States and the Philippines should not harm its security and territorial interests and interfere in long-simmering territorial disputes in the South China Sea. When asked to comment on the combat exercises between American and Filipino forces that started on Tuesday in the Philippines, the Chinese Embassy in Manila issued a statement by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin, who said that such drills “should not target any third party and should be conducive to regional peace and stability.”

Air Force ‘Sprint’ Is Identifying New Capabilities for Electronic Warfare Superiority


The Air Force’s electronic warfare “sprint” will focus on identifying gaps and directing new systems to buy to close them, according to a senior service official. In September, the Air Force announced a sprint within its office of the deputy chief of staff for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and cyber effects operations, A2/6, to do analysis on gaps and requirements concerning the electromagnetic spectrum and electromagnetic spectrum operations, or EMSO.

Advancing the Warfighter

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The way modern Airmen and Guardians prepare for the future fight is changing, with live, virtual, and constructive training offering new ways to practice essential skills. Learn more about how virtual and augmented reality, simulated environments, and other technologies are helping train warfighters everywhere from the cockpit to the maintenance depot.

Pentagon Should Expand Defense Innovation Unit’s Role, Experts Say

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Former defense officials and industry executives are calling on the Pentagon to expand the influence of its commercial innovation hub to make it easier for the military to buy off-the-shelf technology. The recommendation comes from the Atlantic Council’s Commission on Defense Innovation Adoption—a panel of defense experts convened to consider how the U.S. Department of Defense can better integrate new technology into its arsenal.

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Air Force Eyes Moving Teams from Europe to the Western Pacific in a Hurry

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The Air Force is moving a small expeditionary team from Europe to a vast logistics exercise this summer in the Western Pacific region, in a demonstration of flexibility that comes months after the service’s general in charge of mobility warned of potential conflict with China in the near future. This is the first time that Mobility Guardian, which will include thousands of U.S. service members and others from partner nations, will be held outside the United States since the biennial exercise’s inception in 2017.

How Is Your Relationship? Defense Department Asks Military Couples to Weigh in

Hundreds of thousands of military couples were asked by the Defense Department this week to weigh in on the quality and challenges they face in their relationships—and what the military could be doing better to help. A randomized survey, which includes some difficult questions about abuse, was sent out to 300,000 troops and 100,000 military spouses asking them to spend about 25 minutes describing their relationships. The questions used in the confidential survey, conducted by the nonprofit Rand Corp., were not publicly released by the department. Results will be collected over the next month.

VIDEOS: 2nd Annual Spacepower Security Forum

Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies

Each of the keynotes and panels for the second annual Spacepower Security Forum hosted by the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies on April 5, 2023, featuring Chief of Space Operations Gen. B. Chance Saltzman, Space Development Agency director Derek M. Tournear, and more.

Electronic Warfare Upgrades for F-16 Pass Emulator Testing

Air Force Times

A new batch of Northrop Grumman-made electronic warfare upgrades for the F-16 fighter has passed simulation testing in a U.S. Air Force emulator, the company said April 11. The firm said the upgrades—dubbed AN/ALQ-257 Integrated Viper Electronic Warfare Suite, or IVEWS—performed better than the benchmarks that were set in the simulation testing.

Amid Commercial Boom, US Military Lacks Timely Access to Satellite Imagery


Executives at Planet’s annual users conference April 12 spoke enthusiastically about the power of satellite imagery in addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues and responding to fast-moving global events. The capabilities of Earth imaging constellations like Planet’s can be of great use to the U.S. military, which requires constant eyes on the battlefield. However, the way in which commercial imagery is procured by the government does not necessarily support military commanders’ needs for timely intelligence, officials said.

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Cargo Jet, Hurricane Hunter, Gunship: Evolution of the C-130

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During the Korean War, the U.S. Air Force recognized there was a need for a large multipurpose aircraft that could be modified to perform both combat and humanitarian missions in far-flung locales. Such a plane would need to be able to land on, and take off from, short runways, and also have enough cargo space to transport artillery pieces, tanks, and troops over long distances. Lockheed was contracted to develop the prototype. In 1954, the company unveiled the C-130 Hercules, a four-engine turboprop that was capable of transporting up to 92 combat troops, plus their gear, and had a maximum cargo load of 42,000 pounds. Since then, more than 70 variants of the C-130 have taken to the skies to carry out a range of missions.