PACAF Ponders Inter-Pacific Academy for NCOs as Partner Recruitment Lags

When top Air Force leaders graced the stage at a senior noncommissioned officers' summit to urge attendees from 65 nations to collaborate with the United States, one region was noticeably underrepresented: the Indo-Pacific. Of the 39 partner nations that Pacific Air Forces identifies in the Indo-Pacific region, only eight were represented at the summit. Most there, such as Japan and Australia, were longstanding allies. Now Pacific Air Forces is hoping an effort to create an Inter-Pacific Air Forces Academy for regional NCOs will help strengthen relationships and enhance interoperability in the region defined as the most important according to the National Defense Strategy.
nuclear posture review

‘Sole Purpose‘ Policy Didn’t Make It Into Nuclear Posture Review, but Biden Wants It in the Future

President Joe Biden still hopes to shift to a “sole purpose” policy for nuclear weapons in the future, even as his administration’s new Nuclear Posture Review preserves the U.S.’s longstanding policy of “flexible deterrence,” a top Pentagon official said. Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl, speaking at a side event at the United Nations’ 10th review conference on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, also promised that an unclassified version of the Nuclear Posture Review will be released “in the relatively near future.”
gps alternatives

Report: Some of DOD’s GPS Alternatives Lack Complete Business Cases

The Navy should complete the business cases for its proposed alternatives to GPS navigation so that Congress can properly oversee and fund the programs, according to a new report by the Government Accountability Office. The Air Force’s business-case documents for its Resilient-Embedded Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation System (R-EGI), on the other hand, were complete.

Radar Sweep

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China Suspends Links With US Military Over Pelosi’s Trip to Taiwan

Financial Times

China has suspended regular communication channels with the U.S. military, as well as climate talks between the world’s two largest economies, in retaliation for U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. The Chinese foreign ministry declaration came after the country’s military sent planes and warships to probe Taiwan’s defenses for a second day.

Space Development Agency to Take Another Stab at Space-to-Aircraft Laser Communications


As it prepares to start deploying a mesh network in low Earth orbit, the Space Development Agency is seeking proposals for a demonstration of laser communications between orbiting satellites and aircraft in flight. The agency issued a “special notice” asking vendors to submit proposals on how they would conduct a live demonstration of laser crosslinks between SDA’s Transport Layer satellites and a moving aircraft.

COMMENTARY: HIMARS’ Hidden Superpower and Other Acquisition Lessons From Ukraine

Defense One

“As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to unfold, the military acquisition community—no less than professionals in any other military specialty—are studying it to gain new insight. There are at least four observations they might make,” writes retired Col. Dan Ward, a senior principal systems engineer at the MITRE Corporation.

Angry Kitten Electronic Attack Pod Bares Its Claws During Air Force Tests

Breaking Defense

Sometimes, the name of a piece of military technology is meant to inspire fear. The F-4 Phantom II. The MQ-9 Reaper. And now … the Angry Kitten Combat Pod. OK, so maybe it’s not the most terrifying name out there. But despite the humble moniker, the Air Force believes the electronic warfare system—which was built to simulate enemy threats, but was so capable that the Air Force is considering turning into an operational pod—could “dramatically shape” the future of electronic warfare.

Law and the Ayman al-Zawahiri Airstrike: a Dozen Qs & As


A post on the Lawfire blog aims to give perspectives on some of the law applicable to the airstrike that killed al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, offering some quick “shortbursts” on a number of legal issues the strike suggests, such as: Who was he? Was he a lawful target under international law? Did law require the U.S. to get permission from the Taliban to conduct the strike?

US-Israel-Palestine Security Role Facing Downgrade; Can a Colonel Do a General’s Job?

Breaking Defense

A below-the-radar American military liaison role between Israel and Palestine is facing a major change, one advocates and experts worry could further set back relations between the two sides. On June 1, Axios reported that the Pentagon was looking to downgrade the role of the United States Security Coordinator for Israel and the Palestinian Authority from a three-star general, which it has been since its creation in 2005, to a colonel-level position, as part of a congressionally mandated requirement to cut the number of general officer roles at DOD.

Amid Hiring Boom, Defense Firms Say Labor Shortage Is Dragging Them Down

Defense News

Labor shortfalls rooted in the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic remain a millstone around the neck of the defense industry, forcing firms to juggle staff, hold job fairs, and find workarounds to keep operations running as smoothly as possible. In second-quarter earnings calls, executives repeatedly highlighted the challenges that staffing problems have presented, in some cases making it harder to finish crucial projects and requiring lowered earnings projections.

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Fighter Pilots Will Don AR Helmets to Train With Imaginary Enemies

The Washington Post

In the near future, “Top Gun” may get a reboot. Roughly one year from now, fighter pilots will begin flying with helmets outfitted with visors that can augment reality and place digital replicas of enemy fighter jets in their field of vision. For the first time, pilots will get to fly in the air and practice maneuvering against imitations of highly advanced aircraft made by countries such as China and Russia.

Number of Monkeypox Cases in the Military Climbs Tenfold in Less Than 4 Weeks

The number of cases of monkeypox has climbed in the U.S. military to 40, 10 times the number it was less than four weeks ago. Defense Department spokesperson Maj. Charlie Dietz said Aug. 5 that the figure included 26 Active-duty personnel. On July 8, the DoD had just four patients diagnosed with the virus. The Biden administration declared monkeypox a public health emergency Aug. 4, a move that allows federal agencies to dedicate more money to fight the virus and accelerate vaccination efforts and treatment.

One More Thing

Making Everyone Do Pushups at Your Retirement Ceremony Is the Most Senior Enlisted Thing Ever

Task & Purpose

Staff noncommissioned officers. Love them or occasionally chafe at their discipline, they are what makes the military function. Sometimes that involves pushups. In June, Chief Master Sergeant Todd Popovic, command chief of the Air Force’s Special Warfare Training Wing at Joint Base San Antonio-Kelly Field, retired after 28 years of service. And he did so in a way befitting all senior enlisted leaders, by leading those in attendance at the ceremony in a round of pushups.