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HASC Won’t Force the Air Force to Hold a Bridge Tanker Competition

Several lawmakers on the House Armed Services Committee were disappointed in their effort to force the Air Force into a competition for its KC-Y "bridge tanker." Their proposed amendment failed to make it into the committee’s markup of the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act. The panel did agree, however, to limit the service’s move to retire half its E-3 Sentry fleet before finally passing its version of the NDAA by a bipartisan 57-1 vote.

House Proposes ‘National Hypersonic Initiative’ to Boost Coordination, Testing, Industry Expansion

To increase coordination and resources for hypersonic weapons development, the House Armed Services Committee included a “National Hypersonic Initiative” in its version of the National Defense Authorization Act. The House panel wants the Pentagon to produce a report on how it will build up the hypersonics industrial base and testing infrastructure and what the effort will cost over five years. Besides the Air Force, the Navy and Army are pursuing hypersonics programs, as are the Missile Defense Agency and NASA.

NDAA Proposals Address Joint Force Integration in Indo-Pacific

Amendments in a House version of the fiscal 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) would strengthen U.S. posture and resourcing at U.S. Indo-Pacific Command. One proposal to create a new joint command in Hawaii or Guam comes amid questions as to whether INDOPACOM is doing enough on its own to improve joint force integration in the Pacific theater. Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) pushed for INDOPACOM initiatives to strengthen America’s posture toward China.

Processes May Matter More Than Technology in ABMS Creation, Generals Say

Improving the processes and culture already inherent in battle management command and control could make a bigger difference in the success of the Advanced Battle Management System than any new technology. Some new processes are already being fielded, said leaders who are coordinating ABMS for the Department of the Air Force and the Space Force.

Radar Sweep

US Sending More HIMARS Artillery to Ukraine

Defense One

The U.S. is sending more rocket artillery, thousands of howitzer rounds, and patrol boats to help Ukraine defend key cities in the Donbas region. The $450 million security assistance package includes four High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, or HIMARS—truck-mounted weapons that can hit targets out to 40 miles.

Spain Finalizes $2.1 Billion Deal for 20 Eurofighters to Replace Old F-18s

Defense News

Spain is set to receive 20 Eurofighter jets to replace a batch of F-18s the country’s air force operates from the Canary Islands, according to Airbus Defence and Space, the largest company of the industry consortium making the aircraft. The signing of a $2.1 billion deal at the Berlin Air Show is part of a wider Spanish plan to replace its aging fleet of some 70 Boeing-made F-18s.

Can European Industry Support Macron’s ‘War-time Economy?’ Firms Are Wary.

Breaking Defense

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led the rest of Europe into a “war-time economy,” shocking many countries into making spectacular increases in their defense spending. And with increased spending come increased opportunities, as the European defense industry scrambles to try to find ways to meet the potential demand. French President Emmanuel Macron laid down a clear marker when he opened the 15th biennial Eurosatory land armaments exhibition, becoming the first head of state ever to do so.

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Space Force Graduates First Guardians to Train Under Service-Specific Curriculum

Stars & Stripes

The Space Force’s 71 newest Guardians marched in two flights across a heat-scorched parade field, bringing yet another first to the youngest branch of the military—the first boot camp graduates to train under a unique, Space Force-centric curriculum. The Guardians stood among more than 700 new Airmen. While they all wore the same dress blue uniforms, the Guardians were distinguished by the Space Force patches on their sleeves and the new flags that designated their training flights.

Live, Virtual & Constructive Training

Air Force Magazine

The Air Force is transitioning to more virtual training to give pilots an edge, saying some higher-end maneuvers cannot be replicated in real-time training. Learn more on Air Force Magazine’s Live, Virtual & Constructive Training page.

Largest Budget in VA History Gets Backing From House Appropriators

Military Times

House appropriators backed the White House's plan for a Department of Veterans Affairs budget of more than $300 billion in fiscal 2023 but with more transparency as to how medical costs are driving up that total annually. Members of the House Appropriations Committee approved the spending plan by a party-line vote of 32-26. The measure also includes $15.1 billion for military construction projects, $2.9 billion above President Joe Biden’s budget request.

SPONSORED: Gulfstream: A Historical Partner in Critical Transportation for Senior Leaders


Gulfstream has been a critical Department of Defense partner throughout its history. While Gulfstream first delivered its modified Gulfstream GII aircraft to the U.S. Navy in 1967, the company has been directly supporting the U.S. Air Force since 1983. “Almost 40 years ago, we delivered the first C-20B Gulfstream GIII aircraft at the 89th Airlift Wing at Joint Base Andrews to support critical transportation for executive airlift command and control mission,” said Troy Miller, regional vice president for military and special mission sales at Gulfstream. “We’ve been providing Gulfstreams around the world ever since.”

Hughes and OneWeb Deploy High-Speed Internet for US Military at Remote Arctic Base


U.S. troops at Thule Air Base, Greenland, a remote military outpost well outside the footprint of a typical geostationary satellite, are getting high-speed internet from OneWeb’s polar-orbiting constellation. Hughes Network Systems and OneWeb announced that they have successfully deployed a prototype low Earth orbit network at Thule, fast enough to enable video conferencing, streaming video, and interactive games.

One More Thing

‘Boomers, Moose, Enlisted Jesus’ and More Air Force Lingo for the Rest of Us

Task & Purpose

Even members of different branches, jobs, or units sometimes have trouble understanding each other through all the different acronyms, initials, and buzzwords for everything from a tank to a toilet. That’s why Task & Purpose published a guide to Air Force lingo for the rest of us—but unfortunately left a few useful terms out that deserved a mention. In the purple spirit of joint operations, here is Part 2 on how to speak ‘Air Force’ for dummies.