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Pentagon: 80% of Russian Forces in ‘Forward Position’; Invasion Begins

Reports of explosions in multiple Ukrainian cities coincided with a speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin televised early the morning of Feb. 24 in Ukraine. Putin threatened to levy “consequences you have never seen in history” against other countries that try to interfere, according to The Associated Press. Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba tweeted shortly before midnight Eastern time that “Ukraine will defend itself and will win. The world can and must stop Putin. The time to act is now.”
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Ground-Based Radars, New Cislunar Data Agreement to Further Space Domain Awareness

The Space Force’s goal of improving space domain awareness continues to advance along multiple avenues. New projects include ground-based radars to surveil high Earth orbits and data from a cubesat headed on a unique route around the moon. Northrop Grumman announced that it had received a $341 million contract from the Space Force’s Space Systems Command for the first of three ground-based radar systems to monitor geosynchronous and geostationary orbits; and a small Colorado company, Advanced Space, announced that it would freely share data with the Air Force Research Laboratory from its CAPSTONE cubesat mission.
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Spark Tank Finalists: Delivering Blood by UAV to ‘Bridge That Last Tactical Mile’

The Department of the Air Force’s annual Spark Tank competition takes place March 4, when six teams will take to the stage at the AFA Warfare Symposium in Orlando, Fla. Teams will pitch ideas to the most senior leaders in the Air and Space Forces on how innovations can save money, improve the lives of Airmen and Guardians, and transform the department. Air Force Magazine is highlighting one team each day from now through March 3. Today, we look at “Blood Delivery by UAV” led by Maj. Giselle Rieschick of the 99th Medical Support Squadron in Air Combat Command.

Radar Sweep

Barksdale AFB First to Implement Upgrade to Nuclear Enterprise

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Air Force Global Strike Command is modernizing older infrastructure by implementing the largest upgrade to its nuclear command, control, and communication systems in more than 30 years. Barksdale Air Force Base, La., became the first of two AFGSC bases to receive and implement the Global Aircrew Strategic Network Terminal, a new NC3 system that provides assured, survivable, fixed, and transportable communications to wing command posts, munitions support squadrons, and mobile support teams.

Air Force Parents Choose How to Care for Their Children, Not Commanders, Service Says

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The Air Force said Feb. 21 it will let Airmen, not commanders, decide who in their household will serve as the primary and secondary caregivers for a newborn baby or recently adopted child. Some Airmen have been frustrated by bosses who won’t allow them to opt into or out of becoming primary caregiver—sometimes when traditional gender roles don’t apply—depending on which setup they prefer.

U.S. Troops in Poland Preparing to Support Americans Leaving Ukraine

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U.S. paratroopers in Poland are setting up “processing facilities” to help Americans who flee Ukraine, an Army spokesperson confirmed. Set up in buildings and tents in various Polish locations, the facilities will be used by teams of U.S. officials led by the State Department, the lead agency for helping civilian U.S. citizens leaving Ukraine as Russian forces advance.

Thousands of Veterans May See Disability Deadline Waived as Supreme Court Takes Up Case

The U.S. Supreme Court has accepted the case of a Navy veteran who believes his Department of Veterans Affairs disability compensation should have been paid starting from the date he left the military rather than the date he submitted his paperwork, a decision that could mean some veterans who waited years to file claims would be eligible for substantial back pay.

Top Oversight Dems to Pentagon: Stop ‘Hiding’ Info on Weapons Programs From Public

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Four top Democrats on the House’s oversight committee are calling for the Defense Department to release some of the “controlled unclassified information” that it restricted from its annual weapons report, according to a letter sent to Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III. The prevalent and unprecedented redactions effectively hid information on the status of multi-billion-dollar weapons programs from U.S. taxpayers footing the bill, says the letter.

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UAE to Buy Chinese Jet Trainer Aircraft


The United Arab Emirates is to acquire advanced jet trainer aircraft from China under a deal announced by the Ministry of Defense. The deal signed between the ministry and China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation (CATIC) will see the UAE Air Force and Air Defense receive 12 AVIC Jiangxi Hongdu Aviation Industry L-15 aircraft, with options for a further 36 to follow.

US Space Leaders Warn Sat Operators to Beware Likely Russian Interference

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As Russia moves into Ukraine, senior U.S. space officials warned operators of both military and commercial satellites to be on the lookout for Russian meddling with systems that provide services to the region. While indicating such targeting of American satellite companies is likely, officials did stop short of confirming that the U.S. has seen such interference thus far.

One More Thing

The Fairey Swordfish Torpedo Bomber Was the Glorious ‘Stringbag’ of the Royal Naval Air Service


The crew of the battleship Bismarck could be proud of themselves and their great ship. Two days earlier, on May 24, 1941, they had sent the pride of the Royal Navy, the battlecruiser HMS Hood, and all but three of its 1,419-man crew to the bottom of the Atlantic. Hit by three shells in return, Bismarck had set course for the port of Brest, in occupied France, to undergo repairs. The only warships that could pose a threat were hundreds of miles away. Then, at dusk, out of a rainsquall, skimming just above the waves at a leisurely pace, appeared what must have seemed phantoms from the previous war: nine Fairey Swordfish biplanes from the aircraft carrier Victorious, their crews’ heads leaning out of open cockpits.