USAF’s 2020 Accidents Include A-29 Crash That Disabled Airman

The Air Force saw 72 aviation accidents over the course of fiscal 2020—up from 62 in fiscal 2019—including an A-29 crash that partially disabled an American Airman, according to Air Force Safety Center data. Thirteen of the 72 total accidents caused injury or death. The most destructive accidents have increased slightly since fiscal 2019, and those that incurred less damage rose as well.
F-35 survivable

Lockheed, Government Negotiating New ‘Skinny’ F-35 Sustainment Deal

Lockheed Martin and the U.S. government are working on a new version of the F-35 performance-based logistics deal the company pitched 18 months ago. The government was reluctant to give Lockheed as much sway over sustainment as it originally offered, but the new plan will also see reduced savings, although performance should increase and hourly operating costs decline.
502LRS unloads 80,000 bottles of water after winter storm Uri

C-17s, C-130s Fly Dozens of Missions Delivering Water to Texans

Several Air Mobility Command and Air National Guard C-17s and C-130s have delivered dozens of pallets of bottled water to help people across Texas dealing with water outages in the aftermath of winter storms. Beginning Feb. 19, Active duty C-17s from Travis Air Force Base, Calif., and Joint Base Charleston, S.C., began flying missions into Texas to deliver water to several locations across the state, while Texas Air National Guard C-130s have also transported loads of water within the state. At the peak of the crisis, more than 12 million people in the state were under boil water notices after record low temperatures.

Ground Test T-7A Next-Gen Trainer Taking Shape

Boeing is assembling the first T-7A static ground test article and should have it completed in a couple of months, company officials said Feb. 23. The ground test article will serve to guarantee an 8,000-hour service life on the production aircraft, the first of which will arrive early next year. Boeing expects to build about 60 T-7As per year to meet the Air Force's requirement for 246 airframes.
CSAF recognizes accomplishments of DM Airmen

Brown Challenges Airmen to Cut Through Bureaucracy, Develop Bold Ideas

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. is calling on Airmen to find ways to cut through red tape and bureaucracy in order to meet mission needs quickly, as the service is working to develop Airmen who are capable in jobs outside their core career field. In a Feb. 22 letter to the force, Brown said he has ordered wing commanders to find ways to empower Airmen at all levels, and get out of the way. “Organizational structure is necessary, but we need Airmen who can cut through slow, ineffective processes and accelerate positive change,” Brown wrote in the memo.
1220 Tirpak Desert Storm

30 Years After Desert Storm: Feb. 24

In commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of Operation Desert Storm, Air Force Magazine is posting daily recollections from the six-week war, which expelled Iraq from occupied Kuwait.

Radar Sweep

OPINION: Keep All B-1 and B-2 Bombers Until the New B-21 is Available

Defense News

“In its defense plans last year, the Air Force anticipated cutting its bomber force by incrementally retiring all B-1s and B-2s in anticipation of entering production of the new B-21 in the mid-2020s,” writes retired Air Force Gen. John Michael Loh, a former Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force and Air Combat Command boss. “The Air Force should rethink those baffling plans now that bombers are playing a larger role.”

Top Senate Republican Has ‘Serious Concerns’ over Pentagon Policy Pick


The top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee has "serious concerns" over the nomination of Colin Kahl, President Joe Biden's pick to run the Pentagon's policy shop. The news comes as the committee plans to hold a confirmation hearing on March 4 for Kahl, according to three congressional aides.