Cyber Organization Reaches Maturity

US Cyber Command, established at Fort Meade, Md., to operate and protect the Pentagon’s networks, is now fully capable of executing its mission, the Defense Department announced Wednesday. “I am confident in the great service members and civilians we have here at US Cyber Command,” said Army Gen. Keith Alexander, CYBERCOM commander. He added, “Cyberspace is essential to our way of life and US Cyber Command synchronizes our efforts in the defense of DOD networks.” Achieving this maturity milestone, known as full operational capability, required members of the new command to complete a series of tasks including establishing a joint operations center and incorporating personnel and functions from other organizations. CYBERCOM began initial operations in May. Even with the FOC declaration now behind it, the command will continue to grow in capacity and capability, said DOD officials. CYBERCOM is a component of US Strategic Command.