CYBERCOM’s Force Takes Shape

US Cyber Command’s full cyber mission force is expected to reach initial operational capability by the end of the month, CYBERCOM chief Adm. Michael Rogers, told lawmakers Tuesday. Speaking before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Rogers, who is also the director of the National Security Agency, said 6,187 members make up the 133 teams, all of which should reach full operational capability by Sept. 30, 2018. As of June, 46 teams—tasked with providing offensive capabilities to combatant commanders, defending DoD networks, and defending critical infrastructure—had already reached a fully operational capable status, and 59 had reached IOC. Rogers said the force has faced a number of challenges. “We continue to learn insights about tools on the cyber defense side that we need to continue to deploy more broadly,” he said. Using a best-of-breed approach, rather than different groups using different tools, will save money, he said. CYBERCOM also needs improved training capabilities that simulate actual networks and cyber situational awareness, Rogers said. “We have got to be able to visualize this battle space, and right now we just don’t do that well,” Rogers said.