Cyber Vision 2025 Released

The Air Force released Cyber Vision 2025, a vision document that provides a blueprint for where the Air Force should focus its science and technology activities in the cyber realm out to 2025, announced service officials on Wednesday. It highlights near term (out to Fiscal 2015), mid-term (Fiscal 2020), and far term (Fiscal 2025) approaches. Air Force Chief Scientist Mark Maybury led the study, supported by experts across the Air Force, US government, and industry. “Cyber Vision 2025 finds that our missions are at risk from malicious insiders, insecure supply chains, and increasingly sophisticated adversaries as well as growing (often cyber) systems interdependencies,” reads the document’s executive summary. Among its many recommendations, Cyber Vision 2025 calls for: integrating cyber across all core functions; improving cyber accessions and education and developing Air Force cyberspace elite forces; rapid, open, and iterative acquisition; requiring and designing-in security, and securing weapon systems throughout their lifecycle; and developing trusted and self-healing networks. Cyber Vision 2025, dated Dec. 13, 2012, but publicly released on March 27, follows the Energy Horizons and Technology Horizons vision documents that the chief scientist’s office has released since 2010. (See also Building a Cyber Vision and Cyber Bytes and Bits.)