Cody: Smallest Air Force Can Also Be Most Prepared

CMSAF James Cody said the Air Force must continue to evolve, even as it gets smaller, into the most globally engaged force in history, according to an Aug. 20 release. “If we’re going to develop airmen of the future, it’s important not to just measure airmen functionally; not to just make sure they are exquisite at their job. They have to have greater breadth and depth in a professional force like this,” said Cody during a speech at the Air Force Sergeants Association Professional Airmen’s Conference in Jacksonville, Fla., on Aug. 18. “You have to think about the development of special duties and how it builds an airman in a different way.” The key, he said, will be greater investment in professional development and increased flexibility in airmen’s approaches to their jobs. “You can’t be solely functional. You can’t be so connected [to a specific job description] that when your Air Force asks you to do something else that you can’t be the most dedicated airman and do what your nation expects,” he said. The new enlisted evaluation system will be key, he said, emphasizing the weight on performance as a factor of success.