Coalition to Strike ISIS Despite Syrian Ceasefire

The US-led coalition will continue to strike ISIS despite the Syrian government declaring a temporary, nationwide ceasefire, Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman Army Col. Christopher Garver said Wednesday. The Syrian military declared a unilateral, 72-hour ceasefire Wednesday to coincide with the Muslim Eid al-Fitr holiday, the Associated Press reported. “We are here to fight Daesh and we are continuing to do that,” Garver said. “That being said, we want to see the conflict stopped so a political solution can take place.” Secretary of State John Kerry said the US was in discussions with Russia and other parties to expand the ceasefire, according to the AP, but there were already reports of renewed violence between government and rebel forces on Wednesday. In February, the US and Russia brokered a cessation of hostilities in attempt to end the years-long civil war, but it did not hold.