CMSAF: Don’t Expect Major Changes to Enlisted Promotions in Near Future

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne S. Bass recently teased potential reforms to how the service assesses and promotes enlisted Airmen, but troops might want to strike any major promotions-related changes from their wish lists this holiday season.

“There’s no changes for enlisted promotions in the very short-term future,” Bass said during an informal Facebook town hall with Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. on Nov. 13.

While Bass reiterated her dedication to reincorporating enlisted Airmen’s experience into their promotions process, she said she’s primarily focused on the long game by setting her sights on 2030 and attempting to build a strong foundation for the Air Force of tomorrow.

“We’ll make some short term fixes, intermediate fixes on all things involving the enlisted evaluation system and promotion system, but … there’s not a whole lot of big things that we’re gonna make changes on when it comes to enlisted promotions right now,” Bass said.

Still, she said, ensuring USAF’s noncommissioned officer corps is experienced is an imperative.

“The ‘how’ we’ll get after within the next few months, and hopefully the beginning of 2021 we’ll have some minor tweaks that we’ll dish out,” Bass said.