CENTCOM Releases Details on OIR Targets

US Central Command has released a comprehensive update of targets struck by US and allied warplanes participating in Operation Inherent Resolve. The list is current as of Jan. 7 and shows that both ISIS heavy weapons and vehicles, as well as structures and fighting positions have been hit hard. Many of the strikes have targeted heavy vehicles, many of which were captured during ISIS’ lightning advance through Iraq over the summer. Since airstrikes began in Iraq on August 8, 2014, (expanding to ISIS targets in Syria in September), coalition aircraft have destroyed 58 tanks, 184 Humvee vehicles, 26 armored personnel carriers and MRAPs, and 303 “technical vehicles,” which commonly refers to modified civilian trucks or sport utility vehicles with heavy weapons mounted on them, and 394 “other” vehicles. Some 79 artillery pieces, anti-aircraft weapons, and mortar emplacements have been hit as well. Barracks and buildings were heavily targeted, including 980 barracks and ISIS connected buildings hit, 673 fighting positions, 16 command posts, 92 checkpoints, 17 guard facilities, and 52 bunkers. Aircraft carried out 259 strikes on “oil infrastructure,” 23 arms stockpiles and caches, 41 “staging areas,” and even 14 boats.