Carey Reassigned to Air Force Space Command

The Air Force has reassigned Maj. Gen. Michael Carey to Air Force Space Command headquarters following his dismissal as 20th Air Force commander, service spokeswoman Ann Stefanek told the Daily Report. On Oct. 11, Air Force Global Strike Command chief Lt. Gen. James Kowalski announced that he had relieved Carey of duty “due to a loss of trust and confidence in his leadership and judgment.” This action came after allegations against Carey of “personal misbehavior” during a temporary duty assignment. Information Kowalski received from personnel who traveled with Carey prompted Kowalski this summer to engage the Air Force’s inspector general to look into the matter, said Stefanek. Investigators interviewed Carey as part of their probe. The IG is expected to complete its report in three to six weeks, she said. For now, the Air Force is not releasing details of what transpired, other than to say “there is no indication of criminal activity at this time,” said Stefanek. Carey took command of 20th AF, which oversees the Minuteman III ICBM fleet, in June 2012. The Air Force promoted him to the rank of major general in November 2011.