Campus Camera

Cinematographers Ed Done and Alan Hayden are with Air Force Academy Cadet Squadron 10 every step of the way, shooting “Wings of Honor,” a feature-length, first-hand documentary on the cadet experience. “We have come to know many of the young freshmen cadets and cadre members as well, as they share their dreams and hopes, fears and challenges. We have recorded them in their most trying and their most triumphant moments,” wrote Hayden. Done noted that the public often has limited and “preconceived ideas of what goes on” at the academy. Begun as a salute to the academy’s 50th anniversary in 2005, lack of funding halted the original project. A $1.25 million gift from Boeing ressurected it last year. Both the Discovery Channel and PBS have shown interest in the film, which likely will air in the spring of 2012. (Colorado Springs report by David Edwards)