Bronze Star for Peterson Airman

Maj. Doug Welter of Air Force Space Command’s directorate of logistics, installations, and mission support at Peterson AFB, Colo., has received a Bronze Star medal for his meritorious service in Iraq. Welter served as operations officer with the 532nd Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron at Joint Base Balad from Aug. 27, 2009, to Feb. 19, 2010. During that time, he led more than 700 airmen and contractors. He planned more than 950 combat patrols, personnaly leading 30, to counter indirect fire attacks and prevent insurgents from emplacing improvised explosive devices. “I did not earn this on my own, nobody ever does,” said Welter during his Dec. 29 award ceremony. He added, “I was extremely blessed with a great commander, with some wonderful company grade officers and senior noncommissioned officers, and some truly outstanding enlisted men.” (Peterson report by Capt. George Tobias)