Breedlove Looks to Bolster African Partnerships

US Air Forces in Europe Commander Gen. Philip Breedlove on Aug. 28 called for the nations of northwest Africa to work together to counter the terrorism threat in that region. “Our common enemy is well-equipped and willing to do what is necessary to accomplish their objectives. These groups are a viral threat that crosses national [African] borders,” he said in his keynote address at the regional air chiefs conference in Dakar, Senegal. He added, “They cannot be overcome by a single nation. It requires partnerships and significant cooperation.” The participants, including military leaders from 10 nations across the region, are discussing cross-regional issues; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; a regional approach to airlift; and air-ground integration, states a USAFE release. A chief concern among the nations of this region is the presence of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb—an Islamic militia focused on overthrowing governments and instituting an Islamic state, according to the release. The conference runs through Aug. 30. (Dakar report by SSgt. Travis Edwards) (See also Donley Visits Africa.)