Boeing Awarded F-15 EPAWSS Contract

The Air Force awarded Boeing a $4 billion contract to upgrade the F-15 fleets’ electronic warfare and self-defensive systems, the company announced on Oct. 1. The Air Force plans to upgrade a total of 413 F-15C/D Eagles and F-15E Strike Eagles under the Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability System (EPAWSS). “As we look at future threats, enhanced electronic warfare is more essential than ever to improve overall survivability,” Air Force Life Cycle Management Center program manager Lt. Col. James Parslow said in the company release. “We look forward to adding this next-generation capability to enhance the air superiority mission of the F-15,” he added. EPAWSS will replace the F-15’s current Tactical Electronic Warfare System, which is needed to extend the fleet’s combat capability through 2035. Boeing announced it will subcontract EPAWSS development to BAE Systems.