B-2 Visits Iceland for the First Time

A B-2 recently landed in Iceland for the first time, conducting hot-pit refueling at an Icelandic Coast Guard base that has hosted US aircraft for decades to keep a close eye on the Arctic. 

The B-2 touched down at Keflavik AB on Aug. 28, where it refueled without the engines shutting down, according to an Aug. 29 US Air Forces in Europe release

“The purpose of the flight was to conduct theater familiarization for aircrew members and to demonstrate U.S. commitment to allies and partners through the global employment of our military forces,” the release stated. 

The B-2 joined USAF F-16s from Spangdahlem AB, Germany, that deployed to the Icelandic base in July. 

US forces maintained a permanent presence at the former Naval Air Station Keflavik for nearly 50 years before it was disestablished as a US facility in 2006. Since then, NATO forces have rotated through the location.