B-1s Join Odyssey Dawn

Add the B-1B to the growing list of Air Force platforms that have supported air operations over Libya. B-1s from the 28th Bomb Wing at Ellsworth AFB, S.D., struck military targets in Libya this past weekend as part of Operation Odyssey Dawn, USAF officials have divulged. Despite dismal weather, including four inches of snow, glare ice, and freezing fog, Ellsworth airmen generated several aircraft loaded with hundreds of weapons to provide the combat configuration needed halfway across the world. Of note, this mission marked the first time that B-1s took off from the continental United States on combat sorties to strike overseas targets, according to Ellsworth officials. “Our airmen make airpower look easy . . . but it is hard work—blood, sweat, and commitment across the whole wing,” said Col. Jeffrey Taliaferro, 28th BW commander. (Ellsworth release)