Auxiliary Airfield Reopens at Randolph

With the completion of a $12.4 million construction project, flying has resumed at the Seguin Auxiliary Airfield at JBSA-Randolph, Texas, for the first time in three years. “The difference in quality from the previous runway and the reconstructed runway we see today is night and day,” said Maj. Matthew Reynolds, with the 12th Operations Support Squadron. “The previous runway was so rippled that when standing at one end, you couldn’t see someone standing at the other end. The new runway is crowned so that water drains. The old runway was flat and water puddled creating safety issues.” The project included a new airfield, the stabilization of existing soil, and the construction of a new parking apron and emergency access road, according to a base release. “Being able to fly again at Seguin Auxiliary Airfield gives us a 30 percent increase in training opportunities due to a shared familiarity with T-38C Talon operations,” said Lt. Col. Joel DeBoer, commander of the 560th Flying Training Squadron. “It also allows us to distribute throughout the area, reducing the volume of operations over our primary patterns.”