A New Breed of ALOs

The Air Force has opened its air liaison officer duty to non-rated officers, ushering the first 15 candidates through a five-day pre-selection course last week that whittled the group down to just five who will attempt to make it through the 75-day tactical air control party technical school. The service actually had more than 15 interested officers, but a board with members representing HQ USAF, Air Combat Command, and the 93rd Air Group Operations Wing reduced the initial applicants—after reviewing officer performance reports, medical evaluations, academic achievements, and more—to just 15 who would attend the pre-selection test phase conducted by the 93rd AGOW at Moody AFB, Ga. The pre-selection course tested “leadership abilities, physical standards, and a positive attitude,” said TSgt. Iain Stewart, with the 93rd AGOW. (Moody report by SrA. Frances Locquiao)