Andrews Dedicates Building to MOH Recipient

Officials at JB Andrews, Md., have dedicated a new administrative building in memory of Medal of Honor recipient Col. William Atkinson Jones. The William A. Jones III building will be home to 2,300 military and civilian personnel in the National Capital Region. The energy-efficient facility features more than 20 percent recycled materials. Jones posthumously received the MOH in August 1970 for his actions as an A-1E Skyraider pilot during a rescue mission to find a downed F-4 flier northwest of Dong Hoi, Vietnam, on Sept. 1, 1968. Despite being badly burned from a cockpit fire after his aircraft took anti-aircraft hits, Jones successfully landed the A-1 and passed on the downed pilot’s exact location before accepting medical treatment. The pilot was rescued. Jones died in an aircraft crash in November 1969—before he could be presented with his MOH. (Andrews photo caption by Bobby Jones)