An App for Aspiring Airmen

Air Education and Training Command has released a free mobile phone application that is geared toward persons entering the Air Force. The app has multiple features, with an emphasis on physical training, they said. “The application will help Air Force candidates prepare for basic military training and ensure they arrive in better physical condition,” said Maj. Sandra Magaña, AETC’s chief of future learning capabilities. The app is already available for iPhone users; a version for Android devices is expected out in early July. Among its offerings, the app’s physical training segment includes instructional videos on proper exercise techniques. The app also has “Heritage Hall” with the Airman’s Creed, Air Force song, and USAF’s core values; the “Hall of Ranks” with ranks with insignias; and “Uniform Issue” showing the service’s various uniforms. General Dynamics created the app. (Randolph report by Dianne Moffett)